Instant Round Eartip One-Vent


Widex Round Ear-Tip can be used for all hearing aids with a receiver in the ear or thin tubes in the Easy-Wear series and is an alternative to EasyWear-domes (in other words, if you already use Instant Ear-Tips, you can also use these).

The round domes ensure a good fit in the ear, where the soft material takes shape after the ear canal. In addition, it provides a tight connection in the ear canal that keeps out outside sounds, so you can purely enjoy the sound from your hearing aid. The sound quality, then, is tip-top when you are using Widex Round Ear-Tip.

Round Ear-Tip comes in three different sizes that ensure the optimal fit for your exact ear. Additionally, it comes in two different variants with one or two air holes, respectively, which depends on how much ventilation you want in the ear canal. The air holes prevent a clogged sensation in the ear canal and prevents occlusion.
It is very easy to replace domes, so you can complement your traditional EasyWear Ear-Tips with Round Ear-Tips, so you can have domes for any kind of listening situation.

Benefits of Widex Round Ear-Tip

  • Individual fit for the ear
  • Soft, skin-friendly material
  • Air holes that ventilate the ear canal
  • Comes in several sizes

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Widex Instant Round ear tip One Vent
Instant Round Eartip One-Vent
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