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Beltone wireless accessories

Take a look at our selection of wireless accessories for your Beltone hearing aid. We have a broad selection of equipment that will make everyday life easier and your hearing aid sound experiences better. All you have to do is to figure out which wireless accessories that fit your needs. We have accessories for all needs and preferences.

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories from Beltone

On this site you’ll find our selection of wireless hearing aid accessories from Beltone. Their wireless accessories are developed by Danish GN, who also develop hearing aids from ReSound. The wireless accessories are marketed under the name ReSound Unite but it still matches the hearing aid from Beltone. You can find everything from remote controls to microphones from ReSound at our site – all you have to do is explore the selection.

Enhance your conversations with microphones from Beltone

If you want to explore a whole new world of sound experiences when in conversations, you need to take a look at the microphones. ReSound Micro Mic is a small microphone that’s placed on the outfit of your interlocutor. The voice from the microphone is streamed directly to your hearing aid. At the same time, the microphone minimizes background noises and poor acoustics, so you get the best sound possible. Now you no longer have to struggle with participating in conversations and being able to tell what’s being said.

We also offer the ReSound Multi Mic, which is a developed version of Micro Mic. The microphone can, besides being placed on the interlocutor’s outfit, also be used as a table microphone. This is especially convenient in large social gatherings. Besides giving you the possibility to participate in conversations, the microphone also functions as an intermediate link for teleloop amplifiers, FM systems and other sound sources via a mini-jack stick.

Find streamers and remote controls here

If you love movies and tv series but are tired of not having the full sound experience, you can find the right accessories here. We offer a TV streamer from ReSound that can transmit the sound from your TV, computer or stereo directly to your hearing aid. If you like to do chores and practical work while listening to music, the streamer can help you. The streamer has a reach of 7 meters, so you have the freedom to move around your house to the sound of music.

We also offer ReSounds Unite Phoneclip+ that makes it possible to talk on the phone wherever you are. Using Bluetooth, it can stream the sound of any phone directly to your hearing aid. The phone clip can also be used as a remote control for your hearing aid, so you can change between programs or adjust the volume. You can also check out ReSound’s small, handy remote control that can adjust the volume and change between programs while also functioning as a remote control for sound streamers in your home. We have everything you need for your Beltone hearing aid.

Find your wireless accessories at Japebo

At Japebo, we also have an array of equipment for your Beltone hearing aid. We offer everything from hearing aid domes to slim tubes and everything else you could need to maintain your hearing aid. Besides finding everything for Beltone hearing aids, you can also find accessories from many other brands. You can find hearing aid accessories from Siemens, Interton and Phonak. All of these brands are of the best quality on the market. Purchase wireless accessories for your hearing aid today – we promise you that you won’t regret it.

If you have any questions about our wireless accessories from Beltone or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are ready to help you either trough our online chat or wite to us at We look forward to hearing from you.