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Wireless Accessories for Bernafon Hearing Aids

Here on this page, you can find our great selection of wireless accessories for your Bernafon hearing aid. While a hearing aid goes a long way in improving your hearing, wireless accessories provide you with additional equipment to enhance your audio experience in various ways. Explore our range of wireless accessories for your Bernafon hearing aid below and find the right one for you at Japebo.

Wireless Accessories from Bernafon

Bernafon is a Swiss brand that offers everything in hearing aids, their accessories, and all you need for the maintenance of the devices. With a Bernafon hearing aid, you are guaranteed authentic sound experiences every time, without compromising on quality. This applies to both the hearing aids and their accessories, which Bernafon has been developing for over 60 years.

Bernafon has always aimed to create such great sound experiences that exceed their customers’ expectations, and this shines through, especially in their wireless accessories. The wireless accessories from Bernafon are characterized by unmatched quality throughout, ensuring you always get the best possible sound.

Get microphones, remote controls, and neck loops here

Have you often found yourself in noisy environments where you couldn’t hear what the person next to you was saying? Bernafon’s SoundGate microphone can definitely help you. With the microphone, you can easily have 1:1 conversations without being disturbed by the surrounding noise. The sound from the person you’re talking to is streamed directly to your hearing aid. Simply attach the microphone to the clothing of the person you want to talk to, and you’re ready to converse. You can also get a remote control from Bernafon that allows you to adjust the volume of your hearing aid easily and conveniently.

Also, check out Bernafon’s Soundgate, which streams the sound from audio devices directly to your hearing aids and allows for hands-free phone calls. The Soundgate can also be connected to your computer, phone, or GPS, giving you optimal sound whether you’re streaming a movie on your computer or navigating with your GPS. We also have a neck loop accessory for Bernafon’s Soundgate, ensuring the shortest possible distance between the Soundgate and your hearing aid every time.

Great sound with phone adapters, TV adapters, and sound clips

Here on this page, you can also find phone adapters and TV adapters so that you never miss out on great sound on your phone or television. With Bernafon’s TV adapter 1, your TV experience is significantly enhanced as the sound is in Dolby Digital Stereo and can be streamed directly and wirelessly to your hearing aid. The TV adapter has a range of over 15 meters, allowing you to do other things in your home while watching your favorite series. You can also get Bernafon’s TV adapter 2, which also ensures fabulous sound directly from your TV to your hearing aid. Bernafon’s TV adapter 2 even has a range of 30 meters, which is beneficial for those who enjoy doing practical things at home while having background noise from the TV in their ears.

Also, check out Bernafon’s Soundclip A, which functions as both a transmitter and receiver of sound that lands directly in your hearing aid. Soundclip A can be used for conversations, streaming music from your phone, or making calls. Getting unparalleled sound has never been easier than with wireless accessories from Bernafon.