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Bernafon Chargers

Are you an experienced user of Bernafon hearing aids and looking for a new charger? On this page you can learn about our Bernafon chargers. We have several different chargers for rechargeable Bernafon hearing aids that match your needs.

Bernafon is a global corporation within hearing care that provides the opportunity of better hearing and communication. Bernafon provides high quality hearing solutions by combining leading technology with more than 70 years of knowhow in the industry.

For you with an active lifestyle

It pays to use an Alpha hearing aid. Bernafon Alpha is designed to be discreet and attractive, and it sits safely and comfortably behind the ear. You get the best sound quality without having to compromize. However, good hearing aids requires efficient chargers.

Bernafon Charger Plus for Alhpa hearing aids is easy to use at home or on the go. The portable Charger Plus charges rechargeable Alpha hearing aids op to three times without use of power supply but only with the charger’s built-in battery. The chargers cover protects the hearing aids during charging and transport. With this charging station from Bernafon you get charging, protection and storing of your hearing aids.

The charging station is especially attractive due to the chargers’ power bank that has the capacity for three full charges of two hearing aids. The power bank can charge the hearing aids up to three times before the power bank must be recharged in the charging station. Therefore, it is ideal for when you are out and about. Charger Plus makes Alpha hearing aids even more attractive for users with an active lifestyle.

The rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery makes it possible to use Charger Plus as a power bank when it is not connected to a power source. The power bank is fully charged in four hours. The charger uses inductive technology that enables contactless charging of the hearing aids. The inductive contactless charging ensures great liability and is very user-friendly.

The magnetic connection in the charger ensures that the hearing aids stay in the charger. When the hearing aids are placed in the charger the hearing aids are turned off and the charging begins automatically. The hearing aids are automatically switched on again when removed from the charger. Simply place the unit in the charger before bedtime and your hearing aids will recharge their batteries for the next day. In fact you only need to recharge the hearing aids for three hours to last for a whole day. The charging station is switched off automatically.

A portable charger

At Japebo we recommend that you have more than one charger if you use rechargeable hearing aids.

Bernafon charger for lithium-ion batteries charges your hearing aids so they last all day. To make sure to always being able to charge you can keep an extra charger in your weekend bag or at the office.

If charging your hearing aids at night, they can last a whole day – even if you stream a lot from Bluetooth devices. Simply place them in the charger before bed and the next morning they are ready and fully charged. In fact, three hours charging is enough for the hearing aids to last for a whole day. If you forget to charge the hearing aids, they only need to charge for 30 minutes to hold power for six hours of use. This means they can last half a day with very little charging.

The environmentally friendly choice

Bernafon Charger for lithium-ion batteries is the environmentally friendly choice. By using rechargeable batteries instead of discarding the old batteries and replacing them with new you can just recharge them while you sleep. This way you save the environment from breaking down hundreds of ordinary batteries.

Have any questions?

At Japebo we care about good customer service. For this reason, we are always ready to assist you so you can feel safe when buying your new charger.

If you have doubts as to which charger to choose you are always welcome to contact us. Send us an e-mail on or get in touch on the chat function.