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Signia Thin Tubes

Are you looking for Signia thin tubes that fit your Signia Motion Charge Go X or Signia Motion Charge & Go PX hearing aid? The thin tube is the connection between your hearing aid and the sound outlet, ensuring proper sound transmission.

Signia ThinTubes 3.0 can be customized to your needs

Signia ThinTubes 3.0 are enhanced thin tubes that can be tailored to your needs. Signia ThinTubes 3.0 are thin tubes for Signia Motion Charge Go X and Signia Motion Charge & Go PX hearing aids.

Signia thin tubes are also available in a power version called Signia Thintube 3.0 Power. This power version is ideal for more severe hearing loss as it allows for more sound transmission.

To create the perfect fit for you, the tubes are available in five different lengths from 0-4. This allows for individual customization to fit you precisely. The length of the thin tube is crucial for comfortable hearing aid use. Placing them close to the ear provides the best conditions for not noticing your hearing aids in daily life.

Additionally, the size of the thin tubes has been reduced by 25%, making them less visible when worn. This makes your hearing aids more discreet, almost invisible when in use. You can be worry-free about your Signia hearing aids and simply focus on enjoying life without concerns about visible tubes.

Replacement of thin tubes

The sound tube that connects your hearing aid and earpiece should be replaced regularly. By regularly changing the tube, you ensure comfort while using the hearing aid, as the tube won’t cause discomfort on the skin of the ear. More importantly, it ensures optimal sound quality.

The interval for replacing Signia thin tubes is individual, but we recommend replacing them at least every 4 weeks or as soon as the tube is no longer soft or if it starts to discolor. It also depends on the conditions they are exposed to. If you engage in vigorous physical activity or spend a lot of time outdoors, the thin tubes may wear out faster. During use, they accumulate particles from yourself and your surroundings, which can clog and degrade the thin tubes. Discoloration of the tubes is a clear indication that they should be replaced as soon as possible, so sound can pass through easily. If you notice that the thin tubes turn yellow and the material becomes stiff, they should be replaced immediately. Therefore, it is important to regularly replace the tubes to ensure the best possible sound quality.

Need assistance?

If you need help finding the right thin tubes for your needs, please contact us at or through the chat if you have any questions about our hearing aids or accessories. We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit so that you can start enjoying great sound experiences.