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The right accessories for your hearing aid can make a world of a difference in your daily life. A consistently strong sound experience is essential to have a good daily life where you can easily follow along in conversations, stream sound from your electronic devices, as well as proper cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids. At Japebo, you will find the best accessories for hearing aids from all the big brands like Phonak, Siemens, and ReSound. Whether you are looking for accessories for Widex hearing aids or for Oticon hearing aids, you can find them here on the site.

Original accessories for hearing aids

At Japebo you’ll find decent prices on original accessories for hearing aids. In some countries, financial support is available for hearing aids, but not for accessories for hearing aids. Hence, it might pay off to shop your streaming accessories, domes, ear grip, drying box, or remote control at Japebo, where we have low prices on all products.

For the newest hearing aids, there is a wide series of accessories that can help you adjust your sound experience for exactly your needs. In the past, a hearing aid used to be a single unit, but this has drastically changed. Especially within wireless accessories, the possibilities are endless. Also, you can find anything to do with hearing aid cleaning.

Wireless accessories for hearing aids

A lot of the new accessories for hearing aids use Bluetooth technology, which means that it works wirelessly. This is a lot easier to operate, as it can be done with a small discreet remote control or even with your mobile phone. You can connect your hearing aids to your smartphone, tablet, or computer and stream the sound to the hearing aids. In addition, you can get accessories that make it easier to talk on the phone. This opens a rich world of possibilities to adjust your sound experience 100 % according to yourself and your needs.

Among other things, you will find discrete microphones and transmitters, which can both make the one-on-one conversation far clearer and easier to hear. It can also help you if the distance is significant, like when you are sitting in a lecture. There are also products that connect your hearing aid with your TV, so you can hear the sound from the TV at a volume of your own choice, which does not affect others in the room.

Maintenance of hearing aids

At Japebo, you will also find all accessories you could need to maintain your hearing aids. To clean hearing aids, you can find cleansing wipes, ear sprays, brushes, air blowers, and drying boxes for your hearing aids, which are all an important part of the daily cleaning and cleanses your hearing aid.

The accessories you should replace on a monthly basis you will also find here on the site. All types of wax filters for your hearing aids that ensure a stable flow of the sound from your hearing aid to your ear can be ordered here. That way, your hearing aids will not get clogged, so the sound will remain clear and maintain the sound quality as if the hearing aid was new. Also, domes that are described as sound domes, plugs, or tips for hearing aids should, like the wax filter, be replaced once a month, for the sake of your ears. You can easily find and order everything here on the site.

You can also find accessories that support your hearing when you use your hearing aids. You can order different kinds of ear grips for your hearing aids, which help hold the domes inside the ear. It can be used when you play sports, go on long walks in nature, or generally experience the tendency of the end piece to feel loose in your ear. Ear grips go by several names depending on which brand your hearing aid belongs to. They are called ear grips, sports locks, or even concha locks if you use Signia or Siemens.

With all the new accessories for hearing aids, the possibilities are endless, and you can find everything at Japebo.

Batteries for your hearing aid?

In addition to our large selection of accessories for hearing aids, we also offer batteries for hearing aids from all the big brands, including Oticon hearing aids, Siemens hearing aids, etc.

With all the new accessories for hearing aids, the possibilities are endless, and you can find everything at Japebo.