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Rexton domes

At Japebo we provide equipment and accessories for hearing aids. On this page we present a selection of Rexton domes and if you need new domes for your hearing aid you have come to the right place. Rexton domes are available in a number of styles, and it is important that you buy the ones that match your needs and your hearing aid perfectly. With Rexton domes you can be sure of the comfortable sensation of wearing your hearing aid as well as the best sound experience.

Make sure to replace your domes

Life becomes a challenge when your hearing gets reduced. Most people will experience reduced hearing some time in life. Fortunately, today’s hearing aids are very advanced and efficient and makes a world of different for many people. If you use hearing aids, you will know that some spare parts in the hearing aids need replacement from time to time to ensure the optimal experience. Domes are one of the items that is recommended to replace, most commonly once a month. The right Rexton domes ensures you a comfortable sensation and prevents particles in the ear canal so your hearing aid works as it should. These domes are made of skin friendly material and will not irritate your skin. Replace your Rexton domes and get the best feeling every time you use your hearing aid

Technology from Rexton

At Rexton the mission is to develop and present automatic and reliable hearing aids that work. Rexton believes that everybody should have the best options even when suffering from a hearing loss. Since 1955 Rexton has been working to develop and produce reliable hearing aids to be used every day all the time. Rexton’s products can handle any challenge and is based on advanced technology with obvious benefits for you who suffer from a hearing loss. Rexton’s focus is on safety, durability and reliability and this is to your advantage. You can trust Rexton and be sure to have the most advanced technology that you can benefit from for a very long time.

Find the right Rexton domes for you

At Japebo you can be sure to find the exact Rexton domes you need. We have made sure there is something for everyone in the large selection that contains both open, semi-open, closed domes and much more. Your choice of domes affects your listening experience based on the whether you use open or closed domes. It is easy to replace your domes as they are easy to click on and off. Open domes provide maximal comfort and an open feeling in the ear canal. For a more intense sound experience use the closed domes as they allow more base enhancement. The semi-open domes have two slats that provide greater sealing but without occlusion. You can also choose power domes for maximum enhancement in the entire frequency area as well as more sealing. If you replace your Rexton domes once a month your hearing aid will last for a very long time. This way you can live your life the way you want.

Fast delivery and service

Apart from Japebo’s mission of providing accessories and equipment for hearing aids we also wish to offer our customers a reliable, efficient and easily accessible service. You will find our contact details below. We aim to answer all questions and other inquiries as quickly as possible, and we are always honest and helpful. On our home page you can read about our delivery times and rates as well as when free shipping is an option and where we deliver to. You can also read about our payment options, cancellations and returns as well as cookie policies. All information is within reach If you have found a product that matches your wishes and needs. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.