Here on the page, you can find everything you need for your Interton hearing aid to get the most optimal hearing experience.

At Japebo, you can get a large selection of products from German Interton, who sells hearing aids as well as accessories. Interton was founded in 1962 and today is part of GN Group, who offers intelligent sound solutions for you, so you can hear more than you can imagine. GN Group is the only company in the world that has both medical and professional technology under the same roof, which gives a unique understanding of hearing and the human ear. Explore the different categories of products, where you can find domes, wireless accessories, thin sound tubes, etc. Hear the difference – buy Interton accessories today!

Get domes and thin sound tubes

At Japebo, you can get a wide selection of sound domes, which are also called domes, from Interton, which improves your sound experience. Interton domes can be found in different sizes and models, so you can find one that suits your taste. Also, take a look at our white domes, if you prefer a specific color of sound dome or if you want the opportunity to use your domes for hearing aids from other brands than Interton. Our white domes can also be used if you have hearing aids from Beltone or ReSound.

We also have thin sound tubes, which your domes will be used for, so that the sound is transferred from the hearing aid to your ear in an optimal way. Just as our domes come in several sizes and fit all hearing aids from ReSound and Beltone, the same goes for the sound tubes. It does not get easier!

Wireless accessories for your hearing aid

Naturally, you can also get a large assortment of wireless accessories for your hearing aid, which can make your daily life easier. See our microphones, Micro Mic and Multi Mic, which can stream voices and sound directly to your hearing aids. The microphones work at a distance of up to 25 meters, so the person you are talking to simply attaches the microphone to the clothes and you are ready to hear everything – even if you are in a noisy place.

We also have remote controls so you can change programs, adjust the volume and stream audio from your TV. See also the ReSound Unite TV Streamer and phone clip for Interton, which allows you to receive phone calls without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Wax filter and maintenance for better sound

Do not compromise on the maintenance of your hearing aids – because if you want your hearing aids to function optimally and impeccably, then they need to be maintained. That is why you can find everything from ortho cream and round brushes to cleansing sprays, cleansing cups and cleansing wipes with us, so that your hearing aids can last for many years to come.

Also, remember to invest in a wax filter so that you can keep your hearing aids free of dirt and moisture, which can get into your hearing aid and distort or change the sound. Take a closer look at our selection of wax filters and extend the life of your hearing aid! We at Japebo recommend that you change the filter every 4 weeks for optimal effect.

Japebo is your retailer of accessories for hearing aids

If you have any questions regarding our large selection of products for Interton hearing aids, please feel free to contact us. Our hearing specialists are available on our email You can be sure of getting help from employees with high professional expertise when you contact us, as we at Japebo are an authorized seller of all the products in our online store.