Everything in ReSound hearing aid accessories and maintenance


ReSound, owned by GN Store Nord, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids. Since 1943, the company has focused on innovative hearing solutions that combine new thinking and design with solid technology – of course based on deep audiological insight and good understanding of hearing aid users. To ReSound, people of all ages with hearing loss are the focal point of everything they do.

On this page you will find everything you need to keep your ReSound hearing aid in top shape. This applies to both parts and accessories for hearing aids as well as products for maintenance. In addition, you can find everything that exists of wireless accessories with which you can expand your ReSound hearing aids.

ReSound improves the quality of life for people with hearing loss

With the desire to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss as well as for their family and friends, ReSound has developed the award-winning “Smart Hearing” technology that precisely helps hearing aid users as well as their family and friends with better communication and understanding. With ReSound hearing aids, you can better focus on exactly what you want to hear. So, when you for example are in a noisy restaurant, ReSound Smart Hearing will ensure that you can still converse with your fellow diners. That makes an actual and noticeable difference.

Get even more out of your hearing aids with innovative accessories

All wireless accessories from ReSound are of course created to work with your ReSound hearing aid. Hence, there is a sea of ​​functionalities that seem completely intuitive. So you do not have to be nervous about whether you can make the accessory work; it largely works automatically.

If you need help to hear more people in a larger assembly, then it is Multi Mic from ReSound that you need. With Multi Mic you get a wireless microphone that has all the benefits of Micro Mic, but it can also be used as a table microphone that effectively captures all the sounds around the table for e.g., a family dinner or other large gatherings.

Remember to maintain your hearing aid

When you need to get the most out of your hearing aid, maintenance is paramount. You may remember to have extra batteries lying around, but do you also remember to clean your hearing aids? We have a comprehensive range of products for both cleaning and maintenance.

At Japebo, you are guaranteed hearing aid accessories of the highest quality

Japebo sells accessories for hearing aids of the highest quality for both the young and old. On this page you will find a wide selection of accessories and products for maintenance from ReSound, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in innovative hearing solutions. Of course, we carry all the most popular products, which is why you will easily be able to find exactly what you are missing for your hearing aid.

If you are in doubt about whether ReSound accessories and products for maintenance are for you, you are always very welcome to contact us for professional support. You can contact us in several ways. Either directly in the chat on this page, you can  write to us at info@japebo.xyz, where our skilled employees in customer service are ready to help you with any questions.