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Rexton wax guard

At Japebo we offer accessories to all types of hearing aids. On this page you will find a large selection of wax filters, so if you need new wax filters for your hearing aids you have come to the right place. Rexton wax filters are available in many styles, and it is important to choose the ones that matches your needs and your hearing aid perfectly. With a Rexton wax filter, you will get the best sound experience as well as a comfortable and fresh feeling when replacing your wax filter. You also make sure your hearing aid will last for many years as a wax filter prevents foreign object to enter your hearing aid.

Replacing your Rexton wax filter

As soon as the hearing gets reduced life becomes a challenge. Unfortunately, most people will experience a hearing loss some time in life. Therefore, so many people benefit from using a hearing aid today because better hearing means better life quality. Hearing aids of today is very well functioning and practically invisible, and they make sure you can hear everything and everyone around you. However, this advanced technology requires maintenance and replacing of spare parts to give you the maximum functionality. This applies for wax filters too. It is recommended to replace your Rexton wax filter every four weeks or sooner to ensure the best possible sound experience.

Focus on durability and reliability

The mission for Rexton is to develop and sell automatic and reliable hearing aids that works. Rexton believes that all individuals should have the best options in life even when suffering from a hearing loss. Since 1955 Rexton has worked to develop and produce reliable hearing aids to be used every day all the time. The hearing aids can stand any challenge and contains the most advanced technology with lots of benefits for you who suffer from a hearing loss. At Rexton focus is on safety, durability and reliability and for this reason you can trust Rexton and their products. You are guaranteed high quality products that you can benefit from for a very long time.

Choose the perfect Rexton wax filter

At Japebo you can be sure to find exactly the Rexton wax filter you are looking for. We have made sure to have something for everyone in our large selection. You can choose Signia miniReceiverWax Guard that ensures the most optimal sound by preventing wax clogging. This minimizes the risk of your hearing aids getting clogged by particles. Wax in the speaker is the most common reason for need for repair or replacement of the speaker unit. You can also choose a QuickGuard wax filter which is the perfect Rexton wax filter for in-ear units. This Rexton wax filter is places at the sound exit on the moulded in-ear hearing aid or on the moulded ear plug and offers optimal protection again foreign objects. Regardless of the Rexton waxfilter you choose they are all easy to replace with the tools included. This means you can benefit from replacing your Rexton wax filter if you want to enjoy your hearing aid for a long time.

Efficient delivery and service

Not only do we aim to offer accessories and spare parts for all type of hearing aids, at Japebo we also wish to provide our customers with a reliable, efficient and easily accessible service. Our contact details can be found below. We aim to answer all questions and inquiries as quickly as we can, and we guarantee an honest and helpful service. On our home page you can read about our delivery times and rates as well as when free shipping is available and where we deliver to. You can also see our policies about payments, cancellations, returns and privacy- and cookie policies. When you find a product that matches your wishes and needs all information is within reach. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.