Widex V.2 Easywear M-Receiver


Widex v2 Easywear Receiver is a new speaker unit for Widex hearing aids from the Easywear line.

The speaker provides a more varied sound as it spans a larger area. For an even more powerful sound, you can get the receiver in a power variant.

As the receiver is smaller it is more comfortable to wear the hearing aid and on top of that it is made of an allergy-friendly material.

Note: This is a replacement part. If your hearing aid is not already fitted with this speaker type you should not choose this product.

Advantages of Widex v2 Easywear Receiver

  • More powerful and varied sound experience
  • Smaller design
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Available in a power variant

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Widex V.2 Easywear M-Receiver
Widex V.2 Easywear M-Receiver
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