Widex Phone-DEX 2


Widex PhoneDex 2 is an enhancement of the original Widex Phone-Dex.

Widex PhoneDex 2 is a phone that wirelessly streams sound to your hearing aids, allowing you to have clear and distinct phone conversations. It is used like a regular phone by placing the receiver to your ear and speaking through it, just as you would with any other telephone.

You can easily stay in touch with your friends and family, making calls as often as you like without being disturbed by poor sound quality and connectivity issues. With Widex PhoneDex 2, you get clear sound in your hearing aids, and it simultaneously reduces noise interference from the call.

Widex PhoneDex 2 is also a conventional landline phone, allowing the rest of the family to use it.

Advantages of Widex PhoneDex 2:

  • Streams sound directly to your hearing aids
  • Works for the rest of the family as well
  • Clear display and easy operation
  • Range of 50-300 meters
  • Wireless
  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • SOS calls to 4 people

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Model/Item no: 8 918 0200 005
Stock status : In stock
Widex Phone-DEX 2 - 8 918 0200 005
Widex Phone-DEX 2
Model/Item no: 8 918 0200 005
Stock status : In stock