Unitron uMic

Unitron uMic allows you to have better conversations even in noisy environments. It enhances the quality of one-on-one conversations by streaming the voice of your conversation partner to your hearing aids. Therefore, you can easily have a conversation when you are at a cafe or on bike or walking trips where noise makes conversation difficult. The small microphone just needs to be attached to clothing, and then the sound is sent to your Unitron streamer (such as uDirect 2, uDirect 3, or uStream) via Bluetooth and further to your Unitron hearing aids.

Benefits of Unitron uMic

  • Enhances the quality of one-on-one conversations.
  • Ideal in noisy environments and places with poor acoustics.
  • Can amplify the volume from speakers.
  • Range of 20 meters.
  • Used with uDirect 2 and 3 as well as uStream.
  • Easy to operate.

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