SureFit 3 Receiver LP


SureFit 3 Receiver is the receiver for ReSound One hearing aids. The receiver is designed to neutralize feedback tones and avoid uncomfortable high tones.

Resound Surefit 3 Receiver is designed to be as small as possible and is very comfortable to wear, so you hardly notice it in daily life. The right and left sides are color-coded, making it easy and quick to distinguish between the hearing aids.

The earpiece from Resound Surefit does not have an additional microphone on the earpiece itself. There is also a ReSound SureFit3 M&RIE receiver with a microphone on the speaker itself; this is the model without a microphone on the speaker.

To find the length of your current receiver, look for the number at the speaker output – the length is printed there.

Advantages of Resound Surefit 3 Receiver

  • Designed for natural sound.
  • Replacement receiver.
  • Color-coded.

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SureFit 3 Receiver LP
SureFit 3 Receiver LP
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