Starkey Comfort Buds Open


Starkey Comfort Bud domes ensure that your hearing aid sits comfortably and appropriately in your ear. They come in two different types – a closed version and an open one, allowing you to find the one that suits you best. The open version ensures ventilation in the ear canal and provides a lighter sound. The closed ones are ideal if the hearing aid whistles or if you desire an intensification of bass sounds. The sound is perceived differently depending on whether you use the closed or open versions.

There are 5 different sizes available, so whether you want the dome to fit snugly in the ear canal or a bit looser, you can find the right size.
The replacement is easy and should be done every 4 weeks.

Advantages of Starkey Comfort Buds

  • Comfortable
  • Two different types – open and closed
  • Different sizes for better adaptation
  • Soft material for better adaptation and against discomfort.

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Starkey Comfort Buds Open
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