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Oticon Opn Play miniRITE: An Overview for Accessories, Spare Parts, and Technology

Essential Accessories and Spare Parts

For users of the Oticon Opn Play miniRITE hearing aids, maintaining optimal performance involves regular replacement of key components such as domes, filters, ear grips, and receivers. These parts are crucial for comfort and functionality:

  • Domes: Available in various sizes and styles, domes ensure the hearing aid fits comfortably in the ear canal while also impacting the quality of sound. Regular replacement of domes is recommended to maintain comfort and sound quality.
  • Filters: These prevent wax and debris from entering the device, crucial for maintaining clear sound quality and the longevity of the hearing aid. It’s advisable to change filters regularly to ensure the hearing aids function optimally.
  • Ear Grips: These provide additional support, keeping the hearing aid securely in place, essential for active users.
  • Receivers: Receivers can be replaced if they become damaged or if there’s a need for a different power level to better suit the user’s hearing needs. This allows for a customizable and adaptable hearing solution.
  • Batteries: The Oticon Opn Play miniRITE typically uses size 312 batteries. Regular replacement of batteries ensures the device remains powered and functional. Oticon 312 batteries.
  • Chargers: The Opn Play series offers rechargeable models, providing convenience and eco-friendly power solutions. Find compatible Oticon chargers.


The Oticon Opn Play miniRITE is a premium hearing aid designed to provide children with a seamless auditory experience. It combines sleek aesthetics with advanced features that cater to a wide range of hearing needs, ensuring that children can enjoy an open and balanced sound environment.

Technology and Models

The Opn Play miniRITE features Oticon’s BrainHearing technology, which helps the brain process sounds more naturally and efficiently. This model is designed specifically for children, providing superior sound quality and support for their developmental needs.

Connectivity and Upgrades

The Oticon Opn Play miniRITE supports various connectivity options, allowing users to connect to modern smartphones and other devices. With the ConnectClip, users can enjoy hands-free phone calls and music streaming directly to their hearing aids. The Opn Play miniRITE also offers enhanced connectivity features to support the active lifestyles of children.

Market Introduction

Launched in 2019, the Opn Play miniRITE series introduced advanced features and connectivity options tailored for children. The hearing aids are designed to provide better speech understanding and reduced listening effort, helping children engage more fully in their daily activities.

Variants and Related Models

Besides the miniRITE, Oticon offers the Opn Play in BTE models, ensuring a perfect fit for every child. These variants cater to different preferences and hearing needs, providing a tailored auditory experience.

Accessories and Connectivity

The Oticon Opn Play miniRITE supports a wide range of accessories that enhance its functionality and usability:

  • Remote Controls: Easily adjust the volume or change your hearing aid program discreetly.
  • TV Adapters: Stream your favorite TV shows directly to your hearing aids.
  • ConnectClip: Enjoy hands-free phone calls and music streaming.
  • Chargers: The Opn Play series offers rechargeable models, providing convenience and eco-friendly power solutions.

For a comprehensive list of all accessories and parts available for Oticon Opn Play, visit our Oticon Accessories Page.


The Oticon Opn Play miniRITE remains a cutting-edge choice in the pediatric hearing aid market, celebrated for its innovative technology and user-centric design. Proper maintenance and the use of genuine spare parts like domes, filters, ear grips, receivers, and batteries ensure continued optimal performance and comfort. This model, along with its advanced accessories and connectivity options, significantly enhances the quality of life for children with hearing impairments.

For more details and to explore our entire catalogue of Oticon hearing aid parts, please visit the Oticon Accessories Page.

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