Oticon miniFit Ear Grip


Oticon miniFit Ear Grip ensures that your hearing aid sits securely in the ear.

Oticon miniFit Ear Grip supports your hearing aid if it tends to fall out. The Ear Grip is placed in tension between your hearing aid and the inside of your ear, ensuring that the hearing aid stays in place in your ear.

It can also be a good idea to use an Ear Grip when engaging in sports and physical activities, where movement can cause your hearing aids to fall out. Therefore, you can advantageously use them when playing soccer, cycling, or practicing gymnastics and yoga, ensuring that your hearing aid always stays in place.

Advantages of Oticon miniFit Ear Grip:

  • Ensures the hearing aid stays in the ear.
  • Can be used during motion and sports activities.
  • Provides daily support for the hearing aid.

If you are unsure about the size of the Ear Grip you need, you can determine the speaker size by removing the Ear Grip from the receiver. Here, you can read a number on the receiver that corresponds to the size (60, 80, or 85).

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Oticon miniFit Ear Grip
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