Oticon Corda MiniFit Power


Oticon Corda miniFIT thin tubes for use with Oticon Epoq, Vigo, Agil, Acto, Ria, Nera, Alta and Opn behind-the-ear hearing aids if they are already fitted with thin tubes.

Corda 2 vs Corda miniFIT
Corda miniFIT thin tubes fit in the same housing as Corda2 tubes and can be replaced with these, the only difference is that Corda MiniFit uses the newer Oticon MiniFit Domes.

Be sure to use Oticon Corda Domes with Oticon Corda 2 audio tube and Oticon MiniFit Domes with Oticon Corda MiniFit audio tubes – this is very important.

NOTE: At the end of the tube that points towards your ear you will see a number, blue is used for the left sound tubes and red is used for the right tubes and the number is the size indication, so here you can see which tube you need to order.

Oticon Corda MiniFit Power
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