Easywear wired RIC (S-receiver)


Widex Easywear Receiver consists of a protected speaker housing made of a Kevlar material, which ensures elasticity and protects against external physical influences. The receiver is extra durable and particularly robust and can therefore withstand everyday defects.

The cable entry is located on the side of the receiver and the placement of the cable creates a better fit as the receiver sits closer to the ear, preventing the cable from colliding with your ear. Furthermore, it is moisture-repellent, and the Danish weather will therefore no longer be a concern when you are a hearing aid user.

All in all, you get a small, robust receiver that fits perfectly on your ear with a sublime sound quality.

Benefits of Widex Easywear Receiver

  • Robust receiver.
  • Moisture repellent.
  • Good fit for the ear.
Easywear wired RIC (S-receiver)
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