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Cleansing of hearing aids

Are you wondering about the proper cleansing of hearing aids? Have you just received a pair of new hearing aids that are working wonderfully, but after a few weeks, they start to look worn out and the sound quality diminishes? This is often caused by earwax build-up. To maintain optimal performance, it is crucial to regularly clean your hearing aids.

But how can you clean them effectively without causing any damage? In this guide, we will provide you with valuable information on the cleansing of hearing aids. Additionally, you can explore our range of earwax removers on this page, which will help dissolve earwax and keep your hearing aids in excellent condition.

Taking good care of your hearing aids

That being said, it is important that you treat your hearing aids with care in general. If you want to get the best sound out of them, you can use an earwax remover from this page to clean them regularly. This way, you keep your hearing aids functional for many years to come. And if you want just that, there are a few tips you can follow:

  • Lean over the table when putting your hearing aids in so they don’t fall too far if you drop them.
  • Make sure to protect your hearing aids from high temperatures and moisture.
  • Take out the hearing aids before bathing, swimming, receiving radiation therapy, or using a hairdryer.

Earwax remover – easily and effectively clean your hearing aids

It is important not to use water or other liquids for your cleansing of hearing aids. Instead, opt for cleaning the surface of the device with a soft, dry cloth, while utilizing an earwax remover or cleaning brush to maintain cleanliness around the sound outlet, microphone opening, and ventilation channel.

Earwax is one of the things that affects hearing aids the most, and it often accumulates in the sound outlet. However, you can easily and quickly remove it with an earwax remover or wax remover, as it is also called. Even a small amount of wax can cause malfunctions in the hearing aid, so it is incredibly important that you remove it with your earwax remover.

In fact, cleaning the hearing aid with your earwax remover should be a daily routine. At Japebo, you have plenty of opportunities to find an earwax remover that suits your hearing aids. A popular solution is also our Perfect Clean that heps you keep your instruments free from wax.

Wide selection of earwax removers at Japebo

Here at Japebo, you will find earwax removers for every need, so you can easily and quickly clean your hearing aids with an earwax remover. And that is essential if you want to enjoy them for many years to come. Moreover, if you buy your earwax remover from us, we ensure that you always get a good offer along the way. This way, you have plenty of opportunity to clean your hearing aids with an earwax remover without emptying your wallet – and who doesn’t want that? So feel free to explore our wide selection of earwax removers right here on this page and find an earwax remover that matches your desires and needs today.

Fantastic service and lightning-fast delivery

At Japebo, we place great importance on providing exceptional customer service. For that reason, we are always ready to assist you, so you can feel confident in purchasing your new earwax remover. If you have any doubts about which type of earwax remover is suitable for your particular hearing aid, or if you have other questions about our earwax removers, you are always welcome to contact us. You can choose to send us an email at