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Care products for hearing aids

To get the most out of your hearing aids, there is a wide selection of care products for hearing aids available to help extend their lifespan. It is important to properly care for and regularly cleanse your hearing aids to keep them in good condition and functioning optimally.

These care products for hearing aids help maintain their quality, reduce repair costs, and uphold good hygiene.

Maximize the lifespan of your hearing aids

Good handling and care will maximize the lifespan of your hearing aids. For example, you can extend the lifespan of your earmoulds – and the condition of your hearing aids – by removing excess earwax.

Dirt and debris, in addition to your ear canal, can damage both earmoulds and hearing aids. If you have excess wax or dirt in your ears, Alpine earwax spray is a safe way to remove it.

For optimal sound quality from your hearing aids, you can use Audinell Skincare Gel. It prevents the hearing aid from whistling or distorting sound by improving the acoustic seal between the hearing aid and the ear canal, enhancing your sound experience.

Drying and storage of hearing aids

Moisture is not favorable for your hearing aids. To keep them completely dry, you can use a drying box like PerfectDry Lux. It effectively dries your hearing aids with warm dry air, preserving the sensitive electronics. The UV light in the drying box also disinfects the hearing aids, making them ready for use.

The Audinell drying beaker, used with drying capsules, offers a cost-effective alternative drying system, reducing the need for repairs and extending the lifespan of your hearing aids. Audinell drying spray can effectively remove surface moisture and dust from your hearing aids.

Easy and quick cleaning of your hearing aids

Keeping your hearing aids clean is made easy with these care products. Perfect Clean is a cleaning station that ensures your hearing aids are always dry and clean. It cleans, dries, and disinfects your hearing aids in a short time, maintaining their sound quality and providing optimal sound every day.

For custom earplugs, you can use Audinell Cleaning Beaker with warm water and a cleaning tablet. An air blower can be used to remove water droplets and debris from the tubing. Audinell Cleaning Wipes and Signia Cleaning Spray are safe choices for quick and effective removal of harmful particles, without damaging your hearing aids.

Wide selection of care products for hearing aids

At Japebo, we offer a wide range of care products for maintenance, cleaning, and drying of your hearing aids. If you need guidance on how to best care for and clean your hearing aids to ensure their longest possible lifespan, feel free to reach out to us at or chat with us directly on this page.