Bernafon MiniFit Bass Dome Single


Bernafon Minifit Open Dome is the new and improved dome for the Bernafon MiniFit Reciever and MiniFit thin tubes. Bernafon MiniFit Receiver and thin tubes have a smaller design and therefore require smaller domes. The domes come in different variations and sizes such as open, closed with ventilations holes as well as power domes with double sealing. MiniFit domes are made of silicone that fits securely on the receiver and in the ear. Silicone also prolongs the longevity.

Domes should be replaced at least once a month or more often as needed.

Advantages of Bernafon Minifit Bass Dome Single Vent

  • Domes for Bernafon Minifit Receiver and thin tubes.
  • Soft and skin friendly material.
  • Adjusts to the ear canal.
  • Transparent look for discrete use.
Bernafon MiniFit Bass Dome Single
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